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It is so mean. Why does Rewe sell good books at the moment (actually it is a super market, they always had books but only those cheap boring love stuff but at the moment they sell good books)... for days I could pass by them but since my ebay delivery of two packages of books (12 books for 18 Euros - package costs already in) is not here yet and after finishing the Hitler Mythos and starting with the first Goebbels volume, I need novels again. And so I bought three books

Die Anstalt (A Madman's Tale) by John Katzenbach
Die Wanderhure by Iny Lorentz
Hexenkammer by Wolf Serno

These are the books I will get with my ebay purchase:

Das Zeichen auf der Stirn by Nicole Drawer
Des Todes dunkler Bruder (Darkly Dreaming Dexter) by Jeff Lindsay
Ausgesetzt (Midnight Cap) by James W. Nichol
Der 8. Tag (Mother of God) by David Ambrose
Luther by Guido Dieckmann
Operation Sahara (Sahara) by Clive Cussler
Dunkle Kammern (The Dark Room) by Minette Walters
Vergiss mein nicht (Kisscut) by Karin Slaughter
Einer von hundert (The Hundredth Man) by Jack Kerley
Der Psychiater by Mark Fisher
Der Test (THe Mind Game (?)) by Hector Macdonald
Der letzte Zeuge : Dreieck des Todes by Gerhard Seidel (didn't interest me much but was in the package

Bookstats February 2007
Der Hitler Mythos - 2/5 (396 pages)
Well as much as I am interested in the events and especially the society stuff during WWII and the Hitler era in general... this book was hard and well yeah boring and it affords a lot of concentration and background knowledge. It was a scientific paper and so it reads. The subject itself IS interesting but the book is to challenging, I have to admit. I would have wished for a more compressed version.

Die Rückkehr des Poeten (The Narrows) - 3/5 (450 pages)
It is the sequel to "The Poet". I didn't like it as much as I did with the poet. I don't know why actually. I think it was more interesting in the first part with the journalist telling the story and being emotionally involved. This books is written from the perspective of an officer (or even former FBI agent - not sure anymore). But a good read anyways. Could have been worse.

Der Schatten Gottes (Raising Abel) - 3/5 (624 pages)
Too long. Dark Inheritance was a lot better. Raising Abel is really too long. It was exciting but in waves and it could have been kept exciting if it was more compressed actually. The subject was interesting as well. Since the writers are anthropologists, it is a subject of that kind again. Finding missing DNA and creating... erm no, just in case you want to read it I don't tell.

Der Kleine Hobbnix - 2/5 (341 pages)
erm yes. I laughed sometimes, but only because some names and talks were funny but actually such weak humour that very often I just could give it a weark smile and get over it. Don't know if it is that funnier if you actually read "The Hobbit" by Tolkien, but well this parody seems rather flat to me.

Toxic (The Serpant's Kiss) - 3/5 (461 pages)
Well ok to read, but it won't get really exciting before the middle of the book. Have to admit that from the middle on I read the book in one run, but for the first half I needed about 2 or 3 nights. But interesting what was behind everything.

Der törichte Engel (The Stupidest Angel - A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror) - 4/5 (352 pages)
Well Christopher Moore hehe. Still prefer the Biff Bible but this Christmas Tale is so weird and funny... well read it. You cannot really describe Christopher Moore.

Ritus - 3/5 (512 pages)
Well the book where the guy gives the woman 4 orgasms in a row. Knowing that the book actually is about werewolfs it is a bit weird that the first thing that pops in my mind about the book are the sex scenes ^^ - but they are good. In the end I got even attracted to the story, so that I want to read the sequel.

Die Therapie - 5/5 (335 pages)
Read in one night. Don't know why. You just get caught by it and you want to know what this is all about and when you know it you are like o.O - so yeah a suggestion. But I think it is only available in German yet.

books read: 13
pages read: 5722

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